Administration Office Franklin Township, Warren County Ohio
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 364, Franklin, Ohio 45005
Physical Address: 418 Fairview Dr., Carlisle, OH 45005
Phone: 937-746-2852
Fax: 937-743-7761
Hours: 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday-Friday

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Frequently Asked Questions

My neighbor’s dog won’t stop barking, what can I do?
Franklin Township Resolution # 02-091008 finds that dogs which howl, bark or yelp creating unreasonable loud and disturbing noise of such character, intensity and duration, as to disturb the peace and quiet of the township are a nuisance. To have this resolution enforced call Warren County Sherriff’s Office 513-695-1280.

I received a bill from JEM's but I can't afford to pay it.
Currently JEMS uses an outside billing company. They do soft billing, which means no one is going to come after you for the money. Of course every dime you pay will help ensure that JEMS has the best equipment and personnel possible. However, if you cannot pay the bill simply ignore it. The billing company will send you three invoices, if they do not hear from you then they will stop sending invoices to you.

My neighbor hasn’t cut the grass all summer, can the township do anything?
These properties are handled on a case by case basis. In the event that the property meets the criteria for Franklin Township to order the grass cut, please understand it doesn’t happen overnight. We have to go through a legal process and it could take several weeks from the time of your complaint until the time that the grass/weeds are cut. You should email to register a complaint.

My neighbor has junk cars/furniture/miscellaneous trash in the yard. Who do I call?
Warren County Zoning 937-425-1294

I want to report animal abuse/neglect, who do I call?
Warren County Dog Warden 513-932-4080

How do I find the gravesite of a long lost relative or friend?
Gather all the information you can (i.e. names, aliases, birthdates, death dates) and stop by Woodhill Cemetery’s Office. The staff will be happy to assist you.

I want to put a pipe in my ditch. Do I need a permit?
Contact Warren County Engineer’s Office at  513-695-3336 to find out if you need a permit or just simple guidance.

When will my street get snow plowed?
Each Franklin Township snowplow driver has an assignment. If a driver finishes his assignment quickly he will help another nearby driver. The drivers go through their assignment in order so that the roads are evenly plowed in a rotation.

When will my street be paved?
As a rule of thumb, roads are typically paved every 15 years. The upcoming year’s pave list is located on the Road Department page.

How do I report a street sign missing or vandalized?
Email the street name, the nearest cross street and the type of sign missing or vandalized to

Who do I contact about a streetlight being out?

I’m new to the area. Who do I contact for services?

  • Warren County Sheriff’s Office
  • Franklin Township Fire Department, Franklin City Fire Department or the City of Middletown Fire Department, depending on where you live.
  • Warren County Combined Health District
  • Warren County Water & Sewer
  • Warren County Zoning
  • We do not have refuse pickup. There are several providers in the area. Please look in the yellow pages.

The water main is broken/hydrant is leaking. Who do I call?
Warren County Water 937-425-1377







Franklin Township Administration Office - Warren County Ohio

418 Fairview Drive, Franklin, Ohio 45005
Phone: 937-746-2852 • Fax: 937-743-7761 • Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday

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